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The "PBS" company is firmly holding positions as Ukraine’s leading company in road building, maintenance and repairs. Modern machinery, the most recent technologies and innovations are the root causes of company’s success.

"PBS" are country’s pioneers in the field of cold recycling technology, being the first Ukrainian company to raise the warranty bar for renovated road objects, up to ten years. The company’s projects have quickly become an example of manufacturability and record-breaking completion terms.

Founded in 2004, the company has chosen “Bukovel” alpine ski resort to be a proving ground for their innovations and experiments. Now the unique experience of building infrastructure is being expanded to the entire country.

By winning multiple road- and bridge-building tenders, yearly, "PBS" has successfully proven the fact that quality and durability are firmly achievable at low-price budgets.


As we're pursuing a dream of having roads of European quality in Ukraine, there are two things we should do in order to succeed:


- accept the European road-building experience; 

- destroy the financial schemes, enforced by corrupt officials, who try to allocate huge money amounts as they lobby their small-time, penny-a-line repairs.


Speaking of experience, our highly-qualified employees are common guests at worldwide exhibitions and forums, staying in touch with the industry’s progress, sharing their experience and looking for the latest novelties, as regarded to materials, tools and machinery.  We’re looking for well-proven technologies to adopt them and put to good use.


Our modern machinery allows for quicker project completion time. The "PBS" philosophy is maximum working process automation and the highest manufacturability level possible. None other Ukrainian company is even comparable to "PBS" in this regard.


Technologies we’ve adopted are capable of multiplying the strength index of a given road surface, as we use modified bitumen and special asphalt concrete mixes, which have proven to be resilient to temperature and moisture drops. Those materials make for durable and reliable road surface, free from pits, cracks and furrows.


In our construction projects, we apply modern reinforcement materials. Our road maintenance routine is also carried out in accordance to latest European achievements in the field.


“Bukovel” alpine ski resort has become a proving ground for all the innovations and experiments of "PBS".  We’ve managed to learn how to do our job in the aggressive Carpathian mountain environment, where soils are often destructively touched by underground waters and landslides are common. Chilling winter winds and rainy summer weather appeared to be worthy trials for our machinery, tools and equipment. They also inspired us, in our search for new, unorthodox ways of building roads and bridges. We now confidently state that all the newly-built roads in the region, as well as those we have renovated using new technologies, - will remain in perfect shape for at least ten years.


Highly qualified and effective personnel are the people who stand behind company’s success. Our employees have the experience of working for leading Ukrainian and foreign companies. They always strive to be on the edge of knowledge, by studying new and innovative approaches to road-building.


Being the pioneers in the field of road repairs in Ukraine, "PBS" were the first company to raise the warranty bar for renovated road objects, up to ten years. Prior to this breakthrough, it was common for country’s building companies to provide 2-3 years of similar warranty. The innovation behind the curtain was the “cold recycling” technology, capable of minimizing the amount of needed resources and introducing new quality standards. "PBS" uses a patented German technology of sewer hatches leveling. The improving technology is quite simple and optimized for quick installation, reducing the amount of time needed to put in new hatches – down to 10 minutes per unit, and the entire repairs last no longer than half an hour. By using special, "anti-vandal" hatches, not only we increase the longevity of the entire system, but also prevent the hatch itself from being stolen. Other working innovations include the new generation “singing” plastic-based road marking with luminescent coating, the new sunbattery-powered highway illumination system, and the latest industry novelties in barrier fencing. Our company was the first in Ukraine to prove that even permanent snowfalls are no match for new road-cleaning solutions with hydrated salt.


Cold recycling. "PBS" was the first company in Ukraine to bring in the cold recycling technology, a worldwide tendency in road-building at the time. The cold recycling technology utilizes the remaining resource of the existing road coating, by grinding down the asphalt crust (right on the building site) while adding additional components to the mix, in order to bring back the strength index to that close to the genuine material. This method allows us to drastically cheapen the entire process, providing more effective approach and high quality results.


Sewer hatches leveling. Walking toe-to-toe with the experience of our European colleagues, we’re dealing effectively and quickly with old sewer hatch issues. A typical sewer hatch replacement procedure lasts no longer than ten minutes, with modern cutter devices, combined with fast-hardening mounting materials. In around thirty minutes after the repairs, the street is ready to be open for vehicle traffic. By using special, "anti-vandal" hatches, not only we increase the longevity of the entire canalization system, but also prevent the hatch itself from being stolen. "Anti-vandal" hatches have a usage resource of ten years and effectively reduce noise pollution from transport moving over the hatchway.


Road cleaning with sodium chloride. Just like our EU colleagues, we’re using clean salt, no additives. With the most recent achievements of German snow-cleaning machinery and science at our disposal, we're controlling every gram of salt and every centimeter of solvent layer thickness. By introducing such an accurate solvent dosage, not only do we save reagents, but also care for the environment. The method is so advanced that hydrated salt solvent literally “melts” through even toughest icy and snowy lay-ups. Hydrated salt needs no further moisturing, staying chemically potent even if applied to a surface under the lowest of temperatures.