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July 30, 2018

The maintenance department keeps highways clean and dry

While the PSC construction department builds roads in several regions of Ukraine, the operation department in the meantime supports roads in good condition.

On roads of national significance H-09 and H-10 employees of LLC "PBS" cut the grass on the roadside. Because of rain and high temperatures, the grass grows rapidly, it has to be cut every time.

"Tractors are used for initial mowing, followed by moto-mower brigades, to cut the vegetation surrounding signs, rails and other hard-to-reach places. We're working on several sites at once. Mowing the herbs is carried out constantly, as we have numerous objects to look after, almost 400 kilometers of roads. Once we reach the last meters, the grass is already grown anew and here we go again", - "PBS" employees.

At the same time, the maintenance department is cleaning up drainage trays. Due to rainfall, drainage inlets are often clogged with mud and leaves, such roads are heavily prone to water stagnation. Now "PBS" brigades are working on the H-09 road in the village of Tiaziv.

"As we want roads to remain solid for decades, special attention should be paid to water drainage. Water should not penetrate the road construct. For this purpose, we use the appropriate bitumen and asphalt concrete modifications, and we angle the surface a bit when we build it anew. We're designing drainage systems according to European technologies to provide the highest possible quality. But this is not enough. The most important investment into road's longevity is proper maintenance. We're constantly monitoring the roads that remain on our balance. For example, we've cleaned the rainwater inlets in Yamnytsia recently. Our current working site is Tiaziv. We will continue on the other sections, where it's necessary", - "PBS" maintenance and operation department.

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