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Aug. 3, 2018

Svaliava - Mukachevo: road repairs have started

The PBS company is doing the repairs of yet another road of local importance in Transcarpathian region. We're talking about the road O-07-10-01, Svaliava - Mukachevo. Though a big section of km 0+000 - km 8+200 is scheduled for repairs, due to insufficient funding only a 850-meter plot in Drachyno village will actually be repaired.

"We have already completed milling the old road surface. Next, we will start laying the foundation, repairing the edges and asphalting", - PBS road workers.

Drachyno is not an ordinary village. It is the Holy Trinity-Cyril-Methodius Women's Monastery that makes the land so special. It's a popular destination for thousands of pilgrims and tourists yearly. The village is surrounded by mountains, providing fantastic scenery. This road is the shortest way from Svaliava to Mukachevo, but it surely lacks in terms of quality. The village could attract more tourists, but due to the catastrophic state of the route, people prefer to along the main foad of M-06.

"If they succeed with the repairs, the situation will drastically change. We peasants are forced to suffer from pits every day on our way to work. There's nothing you can do. Well, it's good to hear the road being repaired. Still, such small section is not enough", - residents of the village.

850 meters is only a tenth of the entire amount of works scheduled for Svaliava - Mukachevo road. The works are underway near the women's monastery. As soon as aadditional funds are allocated, major repairs will continue.

We thank taxpayers for their contribution into country's reconstruction.

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