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Aug. 20, 2018

"PBS" returns to Dolyna region

Again, the road of state importance Н-10 is being repaired in Dolyna district. Today's morning, works began to loosen the old road pavement. "PBS" road builders operate on a area of km 49 - km 50, on the border between Dolyna and Rozhniativ districts. This plot was left unchecked previously, due to a lack of funding. Now it will be connected with a high quality road, which starts in the village of Rakiv.

"Two brigades are working simultaneously. Having two asphalt cutters, we have already loosened and sealed again almost half a kilometer of the road. Again, we do not block the traffic, as one of the lanes is open for vehicles all the time", - Yurii Klius, road master at "PBS".

This single one-kilometer plot should be repaired quickly. We're using cold recycling , the same regeneration techology we applied in the "Rakivian Mountains".

After repairing this part, "PBS" workers will remain in Dolyna district, as repairs on the H-10 road should be continued.

"We plan to move to the village of Nadia, 47th kilometer. Earlier, we couldn't continue our activity there, due to a lack of funds. Now we'll resume our work and move towards Dolyna, until we reach the 41th kilometer", - Vasyl Matsiuk, production and technical department engineer at "PBS".

Road repairs in Dolyna were temporarily suspended in May. Until then, the road-workers have managed to cover 30 thousand square meters of the highway with coarse-grained asphalt concrete. Thanks to taxpayers, again we may continue building quality roads for drivers and residents of the area.

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