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Jan. 3, 2019

Cyclone alert: heavy snowfalls forecast in Subcarpathia

We now have lavish snowfalls here in Subcarpathia! 400 kilometers roads are being maintained by "PBS". The machinery is working since the very night.

"The precipitation began to intensify in the morning. The snow-storm alert is up. The roads we are accountable for, are prepped and ready with salt reagents applied. As soon as reagents enter into action and snow porridge is formed - we will start cleaning it out immediately. The situation on the mountain pass and the Lviv region roads is under control", - "PBS" operation and maintenance department reporting.

We strongly recommend drivers to adhere to traffic regulations. Do not travel long distances and be sure to check the condition of your vehicles before leaving. In addition, we kindly ask drivers of large trucks to wait for bad weather to pass away in order not to create emergency situations.

"There are 39 spots in the region designed for heavy transport parking. On the H-09 national significance road there are eleven. The same nubmer is available on the H-10 road. There are also heavy transport stops along regional importance roads", - the Ivano-Frankivsk region Motorway Service informs.

Here is the complete list of stops capable of hosting heavy trucks:

1) Н-09 Mukacheve-Lviv (km 209+402)  Transcarpathian region border, Yablunytsia village

2) Н-09 Mukacheve-Lviv (km 217+900)  Bohorodchany district

3) Н-09 Mukacheve-Lviv (km 220+000)  Tatariv village

4) Н-09 Mukacheve-Lviv (km 241+000) "Zelenyi Hai" cafe, Yaremche

5) Н-09 Mukacheve-Lviv (km 282+000) "Krynychenka" cafe, Starunia village

6) Н-09 Mukacheve-Lviv (km 285+800) "Dibrobva" restaurant, Dibrova village

7) Н-09 Mukacheve-Lviv (km 302+366) Drahomyrchany village

8) Н-09 Mukacheve-Lviv (km 313+950) Uhryniv auto-market

9) Н-09 Mukacheve-Lviv (km 330+700) Viktoriv village

10) Н-09 Mukacheve-Lviv (km 338+000) Halych

11) Н-09 Mukacheve-Lviv (km 366+900) Koniushky village

12) Н-10 Stryi-Mamalyha (km 23+650 ) Bolekhiv

13) Н-10 Stryi-Mamalyha (km 57+800) Holyn village

14) Н-10 Stryi-Mamalyha (km 73+800) Kalush

15) Н-10 Stryi-Mamalyha (km 75+700) "Charivna Loza" cafe, Vistova village

16) Н-10 Stryi-Mamalyha (km 79+050) Vistova village

17) Н-10 Stryi-Mamalyha (km 113+100) "TIR" parking, Cherniiv village

18) Н-10 Stryi-Mamalyha (km 119+700) Markivtsi village

19) Н-10 Stryi-Mamalyha (km 125+850) Stari Kryvotuly village

20) Н-10 Stryi-Mamalyha (km 166+900) Korolivka village

21) Н-10 Stryi-Mamalyha (km 170+530) Mateivtsi village

22) Н-10 Stryi-Mamalyha (km 194+25) Tulova village

23) Р-20 Sniatyn-Tiaziv (km 0+050) Sniatyn

24) Р-20 Sniatyn-Tiaziv (km 34+500) Oliievo-Korolivka

25) Р-20 Sniatyn-Tiaziv (km 79+350) Klubivtsi village

26) Р-20 Sniatyn-Tiaziv (km 108+050) Tiaziv village

27) Р-24 Tatariv-Kamianets-Podilskyi (km 9+200) Vorokhta

28) Р-24 Tatariv-Kamianets-Podilskyi (km 26+420) Kryvopillia village

29) Р-24 Tatariv-Kamianets-Podilskyi (km 83+150) Pistyn village

 30) Р-24 Tatariv-Kamianets-Podilskyi (km 162+500) Horodenka

31) Р-38 Bohorodchany-Huta (km 0+890) Pidhiria village

32) Р-38 Bohorodchany-Huta (km 7+750) Rosilna village

33) Р-21 Dolyna-Khust (km 15+100) Shevchenkove village

34) Р-21 Dolyna-Khust (km 20+800) Shandra village

35) Р-21 Dolyna-Khust  (km 30+400) Myslivka village

36) Р-21 Dolyna-Khust  (km 41+800) Vyshkiv village

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