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March 11, 2019

The 2019 road repairing season launched!

The Bukovelian road company PBS starts the 2019 road repairing season. The first objects to be repaired are the Heroiv Maidanu street in Chernivtsi and Vynohradiv - Tekovo - Nevetlenfolu road in the Transcarpathian region.

"The weather is a little bit warmer in these two areas . As soon as weather conditions allowed us to do repairs, we immediately started with those areas of the roads which remain in the worst condition and need urgent repairs", - "PBS" spokesperson.

In Chernivtsi, the repairs of the Heroiv Maidanu street began in 2018. Now the works have been resumed, the Bukovelian company "PBS" is doing the job. "In four days, we plan to completely asphalt the driveway and open it for traffic. Then we will proceed with the related work - fencing, road signs, etc.", - says the head of the Chernivtsi office of "PBS", Oleksandr Lastivka.

Meanwhile, the repairs of the O-07-03-06 road, Vynohradiv - Tekovo - Nevetlenfolu, are under way . The works are carried out on the section km 2+025 - km 4+960 between Vynohradiv and Tekovo. As provided by the project, we're going to remove the old road pavement and place two layers of new asphalt. Last year, the same work was carried out in the village of Sasovo on the same road.

"So far, we're going to repair almost three kilometers of the road. Bigger funds haven't yet been allocated. Still, the repairs are carried out precisely at the worst condition sites, where the asphalt cover is basically non-existent. As the weather conditions remain unstable, we're not ready to speak now on terms of completion, but we will work as quickly and efficiently as possible", - says "PBS" foreman Bohdan Zalishchuk.

As for other roads - so far weather conditions do not allow for large-scale repairs. Too many risks. Therefore, we have to wait for a warmer weather a little bit more.

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