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April 15, 2019

Underground passage being repaired in Broshniv-Osada

The underground passage in the village of Broshniv-Osada is going to be finally rebuilt. The Bukovel road building company "PBS" is now working on a project to strengthen the carrying arc of the tunnel by repairing basic concrete slabs and upper road layers. Repairing this part of the road is important, given the rainy weather tendencies in the region, the underground passage is constantly drowning and suffering from water stagnation. To avoid this, it's necessary to repair the structure from the very upper level.

"We will remove the upper layers completely and improve the waterproof quality of the structure by eliminating gaps between the concrete slabs. By doing so, we'll prevent water from leaking inside the tunnel. Later we'll pave the roadway anew", - says Yurii Pobihushka, "PBS" chief engineer.

For quite a time, the underground passage in Broshniv-Osada hasn't been used as intended. As a matter of fact, it was a water pool inside of the tunnel, up to half a meter in depth. Last year, as a result of cooperation between Broshniv-Osada's local community and the Ukrainian Road Service, sewage networks and inner facing of the tunnel were repaired. Now "PBS" will finish the job.

"There's a national significance road passing through the village, thus traffic here is extremely intensive. We have a shool and a church located nearby. Moreover, this is the center of the village, with lots of people to cross the street daily. As soon as we waterproof the deformation seams and dry the sews, people will enjoy walking safely through the passage", - says Liubomyr Semaniv, deputy head of the Ukrainian Road Service.

There are only two underground passages of this type in the region. Another one is in the town of Nadvirna.

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