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Sept. 16, 2019

"PBS" is repairing the road from Vorokhta to Verkhovyna

The Bukovelian road-building company “PBS” has started the most anticipated repair project P-29 Tatariv - Kamianets-Podilsky. The works are underway in Vorokhta and Kryvopillia mountain pass. In Kryvopillia, "PBS" employees are milling off the old pavement, which is basically non-existent.

As for today, the Government has allocated 88 million UAH for the repairs of the P-24 road in the region. According to the agreement with the Regional Road Service, this year "PBS" will execute the following repairs:

The upper SMA layer in Vorokhta will be constructed in the area of ​​km 5+050 - km 10+450 (5,400 km). Two years ago, the project was suspended due to lack of funding. The rapairs have been initiated starting from the souvenir market.

The current average repair of the road from Kryvopillia mountain pass to Verkhovyna will be executed starting from km 19+420 (10 kilometers). The plans are to restore the road base and equalize the level of asphalt concrete.

In order to implement the plans outlined in the project, a total of UAH 248 million should be allocated. Next year, this area of operations will be included in the priority works list and submitted to the Cabinet of Ministers.

If all goes well, next year we will continue repairing the road up to the village of Khmilnyk (5 kilometers). The next stage is putting on the upper SMA layer, on the entire extension provided by the project.

From Vorokhta to the mountain pass, only minor repairs have been scheduled at the moment, at the expenses of operational maintenance funds.