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March 29, 2020

"PBS" continues to operate during lockdown

Due to nationwide lockdown measures, we have been operating in an emergency mode for almost two weeks by now. We are keeping it simple, easy and safe. Most of our employees have been relocated from offices to work remotely. The Internet has become an essential tool for their job.

We're by no means in a right to stop the repairs - we want our fellow citizens to travel the new roads after the lockdown. A "PBS" road-builder now works full-time wearing a protective mask. Masks are replaced and resupplied several times a day. Daily, morning and evening, we measure the temperature and carefully monitor the health condition of our every employee. Fortunately, there haven't been any suspicion of a coronavirus case by now.

Despite the lockdown, we are increasing the pace and volumes: road traffic has been decreased, which means that it is possible to work faster.

We are most afraid of infecting our relatives and friends. Therefore, it's safer to separate ourselves from those we love and spend our time doing long-term business trips.

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