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Nov. 21, 2020

Road restoration completed in Kamin-Kashyrskyi district

"PBS" has finished rebuilding the road in the village of Nuino in the Kamin-Kashyrskyi district.

8.2 km of the road have already been repaired starting from Nuino, up to the Kamin-Kashirskyi suburbs. Here the base has been strengthened using the cold recycling technology. We've also installed two layers of fine-grained asphalt concrete, 5 cm thick each. Pedestrian lanes and bus stops have also been renovated. The arrangement of pedestrian zones will be continued.

There are also plans to add roadsides to make it more convenient for drivers and pedestrians. The remaining junctions and adjacencies will be completed. We will also mark the road and install signaling columns.

The nomenclature of road is T-03-11/P-14/ - Sidlyshche - Kamin-Kashirskyi - Kovel - /M-19/ - Kolodiazhne - Lokachi - /H-17/.