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June 25, 2018

Ivano-Frankivsk: rainwater drainage is failing to cope with the increasing amount of precipitation

Rainwater inlets in the city stay in an abandoned state. Some small rain showers proved recently that the sewers are not ready for precipitation. During last two years of operation, local municipal service haven't made a single appempt to clean the rainwater sewage system of Tychyna and Karmeliuk streets. After an inspection from "PBS" specialists, it turned out that 90% of inlets on these streets were clogged.

After the major repairs by "PBS", these roads were transferred to the balance of the customer. But municipal companies just sat idle and did nothing! However, obviously, they eagerly accepted the taxpayers' money for "servicing" those streets.

The city is a century behind in terms of sewage systems maintenance. On Tychyna street there are heaps of sand, clay and polyethylene. This garbage is so massive and thick that the water does not flow into the well, but stagnates on the surface of the road instead. Same story we have on Karmeliuk street - glass bottles, sand, syringe tubes...

Those roads "PBS" company has repaired - are evident examples of quality and manufacturability. Ivano-Frankivsk can be proud of Naberezhna, Tychyna, Lenkavsky, Karmeliuk, Polyova and Bila streets. On their own initiative, "PBS" provide a 10-year warranty on renovated roads. Some roads were repaired despite blocking of financing by local authorities. Given proper maintenance, all these roads could stay in the same condition as we had in the first year of operation.

Due to the inaction of city authorities, the quality index of these roads is decreasing.

Because of water stagnation, the road surface gets destroyed, groundwater level rises, there is a risk of asphalt fissures. In order to combat those risks, "PBS" are forced to clean the inlets on their own, at their own expense. Qualitative construction is not enough, roads do need proper maintenance, in order to stay intact for decades.