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Aug. 9, 2018

Hvizdets: road repairs are in full swing

PBS is repairing sporadic sections of the road P-24, Tatariv - Kamianets-Podilskyi. Today, the work started at the crossroad between three villages in Kolomyia district - the Staryi Hvizdets, Malyi Hvizdets and Hvizdets.

"A symbolic place to be seen on the way to Hvizdets is the chapel. We started repairing the road from there, moved until we reached 140th kilometer, then returned back. We believe higher powers to be on our side, hoping for quick and productive work", - says Yurii Kliusa, road master at PBS.

It is worth mentioning that chapels are located at all six corners of the village. They were built at the expense of the community. Another village's destination is Bernardine Church, built in 1723-1725 at the expense of Princess Puzyna, boasting a bell tower and male monastery; the ancient church of the Holy Mother, built back in 1653, other monuments in Malyi and Staryi Hvizdets.

"We have a very religious community. Our village has something to boast and show to. One last thing to be missing was a high quality road. We will pray for you, so that you might succeed", - local residents.

According to the plan, PBS will repair two kilometers of the road first, between 140th and 142nd kilometers. By midday we've managed to mill up 650 meters of a single traffic lane. As soon as additional funds arrive, repairs will continue.

We thank taxpayers for their contribution into reconstruction of Ukrainian roads. Together, we shall rebuild Ukraine!

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