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Dec. 10, 2018

Repair works initiated at Dolyna - Khust road in Transcarpathia

"PBS" initiated repair works of the infamous P-21 road, Dolyna - Khust, in Transcarpathian region. Preparatory works are underway starting from Torun mountain pass, up to the village of Soimy, Mizhhiria district.

"We're in process of trimming shrubs, restoring ditches and cleaning water pipes, in order to establish proper water drainage. We started working from the village of Verkhniy Bystryi", - "PBS" spokesperson.

The P-21 road, Dolyna - Khust, is considered to be the worst in the region. Due to its poor conditions, several bus routes were canceled. People repeatedly went out protesting.

"It's just terrible to live in a place that remote from the town and unreachable by ambulance service. We seem to be completely cut-off in our village. It's almost impossible to get to the town. Buses got cancelled, taxi services just refuse to send their cabs. Our own cars are constantly being repaired - suspension and rims suffer a lot", - roadside village resident, Bohdan.

"PBS" won the tender to do the repairs in May 2018. According to the project, 32 kilometers in Transcarpathian region should be repaired. But the financial situation seems to be disconsolate, as almost no funds were allocated. Of almost 600 million UAH of estimated money, only 900 thousand have been transferred to our accounts. It's roughly 0.15%, which is barely enough even for preparatory works.

"There's no money available at the moment to do the actual repairs. But the current situation is also unacceptable. In order not to waste our time, we decided to conclude the preparatory work. As soon as new season starts, we will take care of the rest, subject to State Budget funds availability", - "PBS" superiors .

We're looking forward to apply the cold recycling technology, which involves construction of a solid base, which will become the foundation for two asphalt concrete layers. At the moment, the worst segment of the highway is that in the village of Verkhnii Bistryi, Mizhhiria district.

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