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Dec. 21, 2018

"PBS" helps "Oblavtodor" clear the region's most problematic roads

The Bukovelian company "PBS" now assisting third-party organizations in the region in order to normalize traffic after recent snowfalls. Yesterday, our employees fixed the snowdrift issue on the state-importance highway H-18 Ivano-Frankivsk - Ternopil. Due to impassable layers of packed snow, the road was quite dangerous, to travel through, even with formidable icing on some sites. The road maintenance is assigned to regional office of "Avtodor".

"It was vital that we respond quickly to this threat. From the village of Oleshiv, up to the border with Ternopil region, there were heavy snow-drifted areas, which also appeared to be extremely slippery. As soon as we had the issue reported, our machinery had been deployed immediately to apply reagents. As salt reagent is highly efficient, the issue was quickly eliminated. We've also  managed to clear up the Tysmenytsia bypass", - Andrii Fytsyk, foreman of "PBS".

"PBS" employees have checked the condition of the entire H-18 road within the region. Snow-drifted areas no longer exist. Still, other roads have issues, those remaining in the operational maintenance of third-party companies. In particular, the P-20 road, Sniatyn-Tiaziv in Gorodenka district. The road is still heavily snowdrifted and slippery.

"We are currently working on cleaning the roadsides, bus stops and bridges, so that pedestrian traffic would become convenient too. We're also fixing and installing new road signs instead of damaged ones. The roads we are accountable for are in good condition. But if our assistance is needed to help clean other areas, we will help willingly", - "PBS" officials.

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