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Jan. 10, 2019

Accountable highways are safe for traffic

Some very snowy Christmas days we got this year: winter allows for fabulous holidays. Everything is white with snow. The precipitation was intense both on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Despite the holiday, "PBS" maintenance brigades worked around the clock, so that 400 kilometers of roads we're accountable for, remain safe.

"in Subcarpathia, there were no problems with the state of the roads, which we are accountable for. The same was true in Lviv region. Due to huge precipitation amounts it was difficult to clear the snow completely, but after the snowfall stopped, we quickly accomplished the task. Now those roads are in excellent condition", - "PBS" road operation and maintenance departnent spokesperson.

In other regions though, the situation is somewhat worse. For example, in Bukovyna, state-importance roads remain snow-covered. Locals complain about the ever-low responsibility and pathetic capability of municipal services:

"Look at the M-19 international-importance road. Entirely covered with snow. It may seem that municipal companies are waiting for spring to let it all melt down".

"Look how slippery it is at the detour ring in Magala village, regardless of the quality of tires and driver skills, the car is very reluctant to stop".

"PBS" kindly asks drivers not to rush and adhere to traffic rules. Icing and sleet are likely to appear on the roads. Again, weather forecasters predict snowfalls to resume, so be careful.

Photo proofs: the national significance roads Н-09 (Rohatyn district) and H-10 (Kolomyia district);

For comparison: the international importance road M-12 (Stryi - Znamianka), near Chernivtsi city.

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