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April 11, 2020

The road to Ust-Putyla is completed

For decades, our highlanders have been dreaming of having at least decent roads in their region. Dreams come true! We are pleased to watch bridges raise in Roztoky. It is easy and safe now to travel from Vyzhnytsia to Putyla. Another solid road is being paved in the direction from Ust-Putyla to Yablunytsia mountain pass.

"Current average repairs currently underway in the village of Shpetky, the public local importance highway O-26141, km 0+685 - km 1+900. The length of this plot is 1km 215m. The contractor is the Department of Capital Construction and Road Management of Chernivtsi RSA. The cost of the project is 14 million 415 thousand UAH", - reported the "PBS" press-secretary, Liliana Khomyshyn.

Back in October, the company started preparatory work. We cleared the ditches, cut through the shrubs, arranged the work sites. The major repairs began in March 2020.

"The company has adopted modern technologies of road enhancement. What does it mean? A solid foundation for the road is key, and we're using the finest rubble, stone, sand and gravel. Furthermore, two separate asphalt concrete layers are placed atop of that. Such an advanced road will serve for decades. We also improved the corresponding drainage systems so that wastewater does not destroy the pavement", - said the head of the Chernivtsi office of "PBS", Oleksandr Lastivka.

The width of the improved roadway's traffic lanes is 7m, and the new roadside is 1.5m.

The project also includes construction of bus stops, parking lots, sidewalks, plastic and metal barrier fencings, new and updated road markings and signs. On the parallel bank of Cheremosh river, the equal amount of works is being carried out in Ivano-Frankivsk region, in the village of Barvinkovo. The possibility of a new bridge being built to connect those two regions remains unclear. The concrete pillars were installed more than a decade ago.

"Our project is flexible enough to fulfil the completion of the Shpetky-Barvinkovo bridge. However, bidding procedures haven't been conducted so far. We hope that the funds will be raised and the project will be successfully completed”, - explained Liliana Khomyshyn.

Natalia Frei, Ust-Putyla united territorial community's deputy chairman, stresses out the repeating complains from the residents, regarding the unsatisfactory condition of the road. Many letters have been sent to various government agencies to draw some attention to this issue. Finally, the result has been achieved.

“This road is of strategic importance for residents of both areas as it connects valuable tourist venues of our mountainous regions. We will enjoy a convenient route to Verkhovyna, of course if there will be a bridge. We are also aware of the dangerous section in Stebni area, where constant landslide threat remains until now. For the safety of locals and drivers, the need to block traffic in this direction has repeatedly arisen. But if there is a new ferry, there will be a convenient detour, the problem will disappear”, - said the community leader.

"I would like to emphasize that the temporary ferry over Cheremosh in the center of Ust-Putyla had been exhausted over two decades ago. It has been serving our community over 30 years in temporary status, which implies 5 years of safe operation at the very best", - said Oleksandr Lastivka.

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