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Aug. 1, 2018

Chernivtsi - Zastavna road: PBS clarifies the situation

Blitz-Info Internet media recently dropped in fake information with a compromising headline. According to the publication, PBS received money for road repairs in Bukovyna, though hasn't complete the work yet. Well, we advise journalists to check information from primary sources first, so that they might not be misunderstood in the future.

In case Blitz-Info refuses to cooperate with company's representatives, they may contact the customer, namely the Road Service Department in Chernivtsi region. They can also provide information.

Let's now return to the topic. The road behind the discussion is T-26-02, Chernivtsi - Zastavna /M-19/. Current average repairs of the section km 4+000 - km 22+300 were complete in 2016. The road was assigned to the balance of the customer.

In 2017, the investigation team had a suspicion there was no sifting material applied inbetween lower and upper asphalt concrete layers, on a small plot of the road. PBS argues that to be false, as evidenced by the reliable grip between layers of asphalt concrete mixtures. In addition, according to the technology, spatted bitumen emulsion monolizes the structure. Layers become an integral thing and separate layers do not exist. Therefore, it is impossible to prove the suspicion in a way the investigation did.

Investigations are underway. A large number of samples were taken to examine the road state.

"The investigators didn't use proper means, sampling itself was just barbaric. They just did what they did with crowbars, we have photos to prove that. The structure is already damaged, therefore, the conclusions of the examination aren't reliable. PBS representatives were not invited to be present during the sampling process. They took over thirty samples, as a result, pits appeared on the road. Now they tell us to repair the damage at our own expense", - spokesmen of PBS.

In addition, the investigation notes that the total price for discussed works and materials for September-December, 2016, is 555 630 UAH. Yet another document issued indicates the amount of 668 766 UAH. According to a calculation done by PBS, the real amount is 178 728 UAH. It is unknown to us, how did the investigation come with a half-million overprice.

PBS are no strangers to being a subject of criminal proceedings, which emerge from time to time to verify the quality of work. What we want to stress is PBS is a company of reputation, we are free from corruption and we don't tolerate bribes. Not a single time our employees were exposed for doing their work offhandedly. If any defects appear over time, they are quickly eliminated within the framework of our warranty service.