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Oct. 9, 2018

The road to the night bazaar in Kolomyia is being repaired

The PBS company is carrying out overhaul repairs of two streets in Kolomyia at once - Atamaniuk and Torhova streets. Those are the roads leading to town's famous night bazaar. Due to large amount of traffic, the streets were in horrible condition, with high water stagnation, looking more likely like a marsh in the middle of the town.

We will repair these two streets and replace a sewer collector.

"The collector itself is extremely exhausted. It does not fulfill its functions. The pipes must be completely replaced. We are now excavating the collector, replacing the drainage system, then we'll strengthen the foundation and arrange two asphalt concrete layers", - Bohdan Butnytsky, leading specialist for water condition and sanitation.

The Mayor of Kolomyia considers the Atamanyuk street to be the worst in town. Still, the street has what it takes to become the best one. The funds have been allocated, though only for a half of the project.

"Yes, the works have been resumed. A bit late, but this is Ukraine, the procedures for technical documentation approval are long-lasting, the tender itself lasts six to seven months. Now we'll be able to complete only half, as right now there is money for part two", - Ihor Sliuzar, the Mayor of Kolomyia.

The Atamaniuk and Torhova streets are being repaired for several days in a row. We've managed to replace some sewer pipes on Torhova street. On Atamaniuk street, we're currently installing new sewer tonnels and restoring the road profile.

"I am glad to see my hometown being repaired. Good road infrastructure is one of the factors to benefit the town's economic growth. The night bazaar in Kolomyia is a well-known place not only in our region, but also for the entire western part of the country. This market alone is filling a huge part of the town budget. The PBS company has in plans to repair as well other important streets of the town", - Oleksandr Shevchenko, Kolomyia-native People's Deputy of Ukraine.

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